Confyde is a three-piece alternative rock band from Nottingham, led by singer-songwriter Martin Jackson (best known for his role as frontman for Download Festival-billed rock act Emperor Chung).

While firmly grounded in rock, Confyde are a band that aim to surprise. Their sound fuses an eclectic mix of styles similar to the diversity acts such as Incubus, Faith No More, Porcupine Tree or Muse.

One moment Confyde are gliding through gentle jazz subtlety, then breaking into huge rock and heavy metal riffs, the next sinking back into bluesy funk before adopting an upbeat acoustic indie vibe...and that's just for starters! All the while maintaining strong, memorable hooks and concise songwriting carried by Jackson's soaring vocal, underpinned by Rish Baruah's solid bass work and the groove-laden drums of Simon Feerick (also known for his work in Amusement Parks On Fire).

Confyde (l-r):

Rish Baruah: Bass Guitar
Simon Feerick: Drums
Martin Jackson: Vocals And Guita